Service & Quality

Total One Stop Restoration &
Janitorial Service

Moore’s Maintenance Service, Inc. has created
a specialty division allowing us to respond to our
new customers and new clients, with many of the service they are now having to solicit from a variety
of vendors.

Added Services:

  • ADSIL surface enhanced coatings
  • Flood & Water Damage

Services available are:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Carpet cleaning and Scotch guarding
  • Stone Restoration & Maintenance
  • Tile & Grout cleaning
  • Restroom deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Stripping & Refinishing Floors
  • Construction Clean-Up



The cornerstone of any successful cleaning program is supervision. To us, supervision is not just a word, but, a commitment that ensures the success of our company, and the quality of service that our customers receive.

Wherever possible, we attempt to put as many supervisory hours into a job as the budget will permit. We use a combination of staff with assigned tasks and cleaning criteria and mangers assigned only supervisory responsibility. These people are called working and non-working supervisors.

Quality Control also means inspections, and we inspect our work at all levels beginning with the cleaners who are instructed to inspect their work after completing an area.

The bottom line is that our multi-level system of supervision works to ensure a quality-cleaning job is performed and that you are constantly kept advised as to how the work is progressing.  


The importance of supervisory “follow-up” cannot be overestimated. It is here that the supervisor notes omissions and sub-standard work and takes corrective action. Such corrective action is achieved only by direct contact with the employee. If carelessness is involved, some form of discipline is mandated. Should ignorance be the cause, training is required. Whatever the reason, constructive action is necessary and indifference is fatal.

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